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Erin Cleary


Represented by Sheila Fernley
of Storm Literary Agency
  • Erin Cleary

Happy Halloween!

I'm participating in Susanna Leonard Hill's 11th Annual Halloweensie Writing Contest. All entries must be Halloween stories for kids of 100 words or fewer, using the words glow-in-the-dark, goosebumps, and goodies.

I hope you enjoy my spooky story and have a very happy Halloween!

The Halloween Dare

The dark, decaying house towers above me. A shiver prickles my spine.

I can do this!

I start up the path. Leaves crunch under my feet.

“It’s been nice knowing you!” My friends laugh.

They make ghostly sounds that give me goosebumps.

I can do this!

I climb the rickety stairs and point one trembling finger. Cobwebs cover the doorbell.


Slowly, the door creeeeeeaks open.

I can do this!

My voice cracks. “Trick or treat?”

Glow-in-the-dark eyes pierce the darkness.

A bony hand reaches out.

A scratchy voice asks,

“M&Ms or Snickers? Would your friends like some goodies too?”

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1 Comment

Oct 31, 2021

I love it!

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